[SOLVED] Google pixel c - dragon - display issues + bootloader


ive just installed the unofficial dragon build on a second hand google pixel c and im encountering a weird issue.

the home screen has different issues:

  • it stays in landscape mode only a.k.a. wouldnt autorotate;

  • it doesnt seem to fill the whole width of the screen;

  • the bottom bar (the one with the mull browser icon in my case) covers the last row (or two?) of the apps which then i can only access by searching them.

has anyone ever encountered this problem before?
is anyone able to help please?

sidenote, the only other /e/ buildive installed so far was on my fp3 through the easy installer which automatically locked the bootloader.
this didnt happen with the dragon installation.
is there a way to lock it without resetting the device?

/e/'s Bliss Launcher is not optimized for tablets and only supports landscape mode. You can install another launcher to fix these problems, e.g. Lawnchair (from f-droid with IzzyOnDroid repository). There you may have to enable automatic screen rotation in the launcher settings first.

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No, locking the bootloader is only supported for a few devices, unfortunately not for yours. Generally, an unlocked bootloader does not pose much of a threat. The perpetrator would have to get his hands on the device to cause damage.

it worked.
thank you very much! :smiling_face:

oh, well, sad, but what you’re gonna do?
thank you for letting me know.

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