[SOLVED] Hide Apps for Security

Is there a way to hide apps with a PIN code? And also the hidden apps won’t appear in the recently opened apps?

Not sure if it does everything you want exactly as you want it but there is this app:


You can download the apk from that site or enable izzy’s repository in F-Droid so you can download and update the app from there.

Thanks. I’ll try it. Hopefully these features will be embedded in /e/ in the future releases.

I’m using AppLock via Yalp since years. It works perfect.

It didn’t work

It work but it’s not what I’m looking for. It locks the app however its not hidden in the home screen

What I’m looking for is to hide the apps just like the apex launcher

Or like in nova launcher

Ah, Ok, that’s a differnt thing. I don’t think that this feature will be implemenzted into bliss launcher.
I’d recommend the Total Lauchner. It’s free an more customizeable that nova launcher

Why don’t you simply install one of these launchers then?

That’s what I’m going to do. I do hope that the Bliss Launcher will include these features in the future updates

I tried the Total Launcher however the ability to hide apps is a pro version. I’m currently using the free version of Apex Launcher

Thanks for the support.

i’m using the free version and I can decide witch app is shown an home screen. After installation i do have a blank home screen. no app are shown, only conacts search at he bottom

What free version? I’m no longer used the Apex Launcher. I prefer Evie Launcher. It has a feature to hide the app/s from the app drawer as well as from the search box.

free version of total launcher

from app drawer ?!?!? No. I’m talking about home screen, sorry.

When you hide from Homescreen and from app drawer and from search, how will you start the app ?

In Evie Launcher, all you need to do is to unhide it.

In free version of total launcher you can also.hide an app in app drawer by pushing the.minus

What is the benefit of this? Why are you hide unhide an app?

You can disable and enable every app in.the settings. That’s android standard.
Than it’s hide and unhide

Personal reason. I’ll try that setting in Total Launcher.

How do you unhide the app in Total Launcher?

I never gave used it, because I don’t know why I should hide an app. If I don’t want see an app, I uninstall it.
So I have tried it for you. In app drawer is on the bottom a icon. If you push it, you can see all hide apps.

From there you can start the app

Got it. Thanks for your help.