[SOLVED]-How 2 Installing App (.apk) from local directory?

I’m using a fairphone4 [Android 12, e/OS 1.9-s-20230310268290-strable-FP4].
In my “download-dir” on the SD-Card is an apk that I want to install. If I tap on it, nothing happens and
I cannot open the directory using the “App Lounge” to select/install the apk.
Any suggestions how to get it work?

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Strange that nothing happens, I’d least expect a notification popup as apps need permission in order to install other apps.
I assume in this case it is either your file manager or maybe your browser (in case you downloaded the apk somewhere) that require permission.

system settings > “apps” > expand menu and select “special app access” (or the like, not sure about Englisch expression) > “install unknown apps” (or “from unknown sources” or the like …) >
grant permission for your file manager (or browser or else) to install apps
Now navigate in file manager and try again

Are you sure of your APK integrity ?
Perhaps re-download it and re-try to open it…

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SOLVED - .apk files will not be installed if they are on the extern memory (sd-card)
Copy the file to the internal “Download” directory and double tap it there.
Then normal behaviour.
Nevertheless, thanks for the hints.

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Good you solved it!

Nevertheless, on my phone it is possible to install apk from (external) SD drive without issues

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Yes, that should work, even directly from cloud storage. Although I am rooted and have the Magisk Module called “no storage restrict” activated

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