[SOLVED] How to change the change GUI


I have installed /e/ and find it great but I am not fan of the gui (too much iphone like).

Is it possible to change the gui to the default LineageOS interface ?


Hi @bidule you can download and install a different launcher from either FDroid or other repositories like Aurora store. For e.g this is how my screen looks with the OpenLauncher which is available on FDroid.

If you want modify a lot, try ‘TotalLauncher’ from Aurora. With it, you can customize as much as you want :slight_smile:

Great I will try that this evening. Thank you very much for your help and reactivity.

OK I tried different launcher a I am going for nova. Only the ugly red battery saver warning bars I don’t like.

Thank you for your help

I want to attend the topic.
Of course launcher can resolve needing in non-iOS style. But how to revert Settings.apk icons and toggles to stock? They’re iOS-like too.

I think it will be great to give a choice to the user - to modify LOS style into iOS or not. Do we have any chance to return to full stock interface?


Try ‘TotalLauncher’ It has some more features for free :slight_smile:

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