[SOLVED] How to copy a file onto the phone with /e/?

I got my new Fairphone 4 now and installed the apps I need. Now I wanted from some apps to copy the backup file from my old phone (like the Treema backup). I copied it from the old phone to a windows computer. Then I tried to copy it to the Fairphone. But it does not work. I only see the Fairphone4 entry in the windows explorer (no more directories or files below) and if I try to copy a file on it then the message “Das Element kann nicht kopiert werden. Das Gerät reagiert nicht mehr, oder die Verbindung wurde getrennt. OK” which is in English: “The Element cannot be copied. The device does not react any more or the connection has been finished”.
Is there something special I have to do before I am able to deposit files on an /e/ file system?

Did you first activated USB MTP access?
This has to be done in settings => USB preferences

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Thank you very much. Thats the thing which made it working! In German: “Dateiübertragung”