[SOLVED] How to get encryption working on Oneplus 3T

I have installed /e/ onto a OnePlus 3T. I would like to encrypt the phone. I go to the settings page and select encrypt phone, then work through all the dialogues then when I start the encryption, it brings up the full screen android image, then reboots without doing any encryption. I have setup a PIN before trying this. Any ideas what steps I must take to make this work?

Thank you!

I managed to have encryption working on my oneplus 3T. The issue is that TWRP 3.2.3-1 has a bug which stops the encryption from working. A fixed TWRP is available and labelled as 3.2.3-10. This can be found following the lineageOS installation wiki, which points to here. You will need to do a new install and make sure to format the data partition (which is one of the steps). With this installation, the encryption works. Also I was able to install an update without problems.