SOLVED: How to remove "My Cloud Account" widget (from OpenLauncher)

Solution: Long press on the text “View aliases” inside the widget to get menu or move the widget. Pressing anywhere else in the widget doesn’t do anything.

I recently upgraded my phone to 1.21-t.

I use OpenLauncher, and I added various widgets like calendar and task list. I noticed a new “My cloud account” in the widget list, and added it to see what it does.
It appeared in a vacant space on my home screen, but now I cannot drag it to a new position, or remove it.
On long press All other widgets and app shortcuts will pop up a menu with (at least) Edit, Remove, Uninstall, Info. Hold and drag allows moving the widget or shortcut to a new place.

However, the My cloud account widget doesn’t do anything on long press. No menu, no possibility to drag, no resize option.

How can I remove this widget?