[SOLVED] I can't download images / Images lassen sich nicht herunter laden

Hello everybody,

I want to install on a Fairphone3 / e /. I just don’t get an image file downloaded. Whenever it is actually finished, i.e. has downloaded the 1GB, it stops and shows me the file as incomplete.

How do I get the file? Do I have to create an account? Unfortunately I do not understand it.

Thanks in advance for help!

Hallo Zusammen,

ich möchte auf einem Fairphone3 /e/ installieren. Ich bekomme bloß leider keine imagedatei runter geladen. Immer wenn er eigentlich fertig ist, also die 1GB herunter geladen hat, bricht er ab und zeigt mir die Datei als unvollständig.

Wie komme ich an die Datei? Muss ich mir einen Account machen? Ich verstehe es leider nicht.

Vielen Dank vorab für Hilfe!

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Hello, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Normally, you just have to download from here and it should work.

There are two HOWTOs available :


yes, i have my phone unlocked an all is good, but i can’t download the image file.

Please check your link and the last file. It will stop at the very end of the download!


You can see, all downloads are canceled (in german: fehlgeschlagen). What is the problem?

I just checked and the FP3 image downloaded on my PC without issues.
Screenshot from 2020-07-12 05-10-40
Pl can you check your browser settings or try from a different browser.

I have solve the problem with a Downloadmanager.

The problem with the download is exactly by 1024 MB, than canceled.

thank you

Where i can set a “solved-flag” in this forum? I don’t find it.