[SOLVED] Import message through Silence app

Hi every one,

I want to retrieve old message from a Silence backup.
The problem is that I don’t know where to put the backup file to be scanned by Silence Import feature.
Has any one tried to do this?

Thank you all !

Silence backup goes into the main directory ‘/’ for import

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Tanks @b3pio,
I 've got an SilencePlaintextBackup.xml file. I put it in the SM-G930F root, where I can find Alarms, Android, etc directories.
I tried to export a backup and found it here.

Then I renamed the current backup with another name to put the SilencePlaintextBackup name to the old backup at the same place.

The pocess was a success.




Two cents more:

  • clean install e-0.10-n
  • Contacts OK from vcf file,
  • Silence installed + not-opened from f-Droid,
  • copy SilenceExport (encrypted backup) folder at root of phone,
  • open Silence, not import from the system,
  • Settings > Import/export > select folder
  • enjoy :heart_eyes:

Thank you @trefix nice description of the process !