[Solved] Is it a problem for the stability of the "Bliss Launcher" to withdraw the "storage permission"?

I don’t like that the wallpaper is so blurred at the bottom. I read that it stops when Bliss doesn’t have the storage permission. That’s true, everything is fine and the wallpaper is sharp. :slight_smile:

Will this lead to problems in the long run? What does Bliss have to write in the storage?

I also took the location permission away from Bliss. Everything is going well.

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for example, if you are using folders or arrange the icons in your own behave, these settings must be stored

So If you don’t need to ‘customize’ the desktop, you can restrict the access to storage. It could also work when you are finished with your customization. But never tried

The storage permission is for external storage (everything you have access with the default Files manager), and BlissLauncher doesn’t store the data here so yes I think you can disable it.

Yes, if you choose to format your SDcard as internal format to extend internal memory size (on an old phone with 4/8Gb internal for example), in order to add more applications, the launcher have to find them

For my experience, external storage access isn’t needed in that case.

Well, the only change in that case will be that the weather app is no longer displaying the local weather for you (so no problem if you don’t bother)…

Ok thank you all. So everything’s fine.

I wonder why the launcher needs access to the external storage to blur the wallpaper (the wallpaper is on the internal space). :crazy_face:

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Passed this on to the developer and this is the response…

Android system doesn’t allow to read the wallpaper unless the Read_External_Storage permission is granted. It may be due to the fact because user can use any other app or external storage picture as wallpaper.
An image of the section in code where this is referred/

More from @amitkma in case any one want to check in the code

Here it is enforced.


Many thanks for the explaination and your work. :slight_smile: