[solved] Locked in a clock screen

I am using a Galaxy S7 bought some years ago pre-installed.
Today the phone transformed to a clock. I can’t do anything with it not even switch it off. I have a black screen with time and date and that is all. When I press the ON/OFF button clock appears if I press twice the phone vibrates.
It seems to me the phone is locked in a peculiar state maybe activated by a weird combination of buttons in my pocket.
Any idea how to exit this state?
Many thanks!

Ps: An the phone seems to connect when I usb plug it to a linux computer. Of course I can’t acces anything since I have to allow it from the phone…

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On a Samsung one can Soft reset with Power + Volume Down for >10 - 15 seconds. No data is lost (other than unsaved work in progress).


It worked!
Thanks a lot.

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