[Solved] Magic Earth doesn't use microg right?

Magic Earth doesn’t use microg right? Since its based off openstreetmaps that’s also available in the F-droid and doesn’t use google play services.

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No, Magic Earth (Maps) doesn’t need MicroG.

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But Magic Earth needs a GPS provider. While I tried to turn off MicroG, after tests (M.E., OsmAnd, Navit…) I saw this warning :


‘Localization services for this device are provided by microG services core. You can change the access to location data in the location parameters.’

So, without microG, no location. I’d never enabled ‘location’ before (since 2004)…

If you use the “High accuracy” or the “Battery saving” mode then yes it uses MicroG but if you use “Device only” it won’t use MicroG (only satellites around the Earth).

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Thanks a lot.

I’m just beginning to learn how to use road-gps with my phone, and don’t know how and where microg works. I will disable it, so.

microG provides access to location (UnifiedNlp) via backends. If you only use GPS then the location provided via microG is not used. If you require maybe finer location results (maybe?) using cell towers and whatnot then microG and backends will be used. High Accuracy (usually recommended) or Battery Savings is the location settings to use.

/e/OS only comes with one location backend as well as an address lookup backend. If you have F-Droid installed you can add whatever backends you think you need for your location needs.



With Navit (my tests) best results come from GPS alone… So I’d disabled MicroG.

@andy : with microg turned off, cellphone data’s off too, location is provided by GPS alone, I think… And most of the time I turn off ‘Location’ too #paranoid :slight_smile:

Location has three modes :

High accuracy : GPS + WiFi triangulation
Battery saving : WiFi triangulation
Device only : GPS

WiFi triangulation is brought by “Mozilla UnifiedNIp Backend”.

It can be deactivated through MicroG > UnifiedNIp Settings, or just by deactivating the “Mozilla UnifiedNIp Backend” system app.