[SOLVED] Nexus 5 unusable after updating (bricked?)

Yesterday I updated to the last version in order to check the brand new /e/ app store, and shortly after having a look at it the screen went completely grey (see picture). I hard reseted the phone and looked as the problem was solved and /e/ started normally, but then the screen started to split into 2, 3, 4 parts… (see picture) and kept moving upwards. Since then I’m unable to use my /e/ phone (Nexus 5 - hammerhead). It’s not a big deal because I got the phone from a relative just for testing, but anyway I would like to know what happened because I’m planning to buy a second hand Xiaomi Mi A1 to install /e/ to use it as a daily device, and I wouldn’t like the same to happen.

That looks like a hardware issue…

I also thought the same.
You could try reverting to stock to see if this issue of the screen splitting happens in it as well.

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Ok, thanks @Manoj and @andrelam, I’ll chek the Internet and try to revert it. Isn’t it weird though that this happened just after the update?

i agree with mates, sounds to be an hardware problem.

Try to revert to previous /e/ image, but in my mind it won’t change anything.

Yesterday afternoon, without doing anything, the problem solved by itself and now the phone is working fine with the last version of /e/…:woman_shrugging:

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Hi to the forum! I tried the last version of /e/ and it is working fine for me too. Some minor bugs (bliss crasshing sometimes, etc.) but otherwise it’s really great, works completely fine.

I wonder: Could someone please make an /e/ splash screen? As it’s fairly simple for Nexus 5 and 5x. Here is how to do it:

Works for other projects too: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/1723/replacement-for-splash-images-nexus-5

It’s basically about having the images for /e/ (I’d love to have a black image with a simple white lightning e as it is seen after splash already).

Does nobody care about the splash screen?

It’s not easy to find e related images. I suppose e is sort of a silly name in this respect as it’s a copycat of the i and g things but you cannot search for relevant terms. How could I find something like an e wallpaper? eelo was better, you could have changed it to something like e=mc2 or anything searchable.

please, kalm down :wink: