[SOLVED] No QR Scanner available

warning: I am total beginner. I have got /e/ on an S7 that is my first smart phone ever.

I can’t scan QR-codes. This is quite a pain.

I installed syncthing. When it came to add another device to sync with, I had to type the lengthy syncthing-device-id into my S7 by hand. There was an icon for transmitting the device id by QR-code. When I click it a dialog opened asking whether I want to install “Barcode Scanner”. I said yes but then came an error like “App not found”.

So I tried to install “Barcode Scanner” via “Apps”. It covers QR codes as well and I could install it. But it wouldn’t start, instead it said that there are missing components and that it need to be reinstalled via google playstore.

What did I do wrong?

Another question in that context: does syncthing want a specific QR-scan-app or could it be any any app and apps have some sort of attributes telling us what they can do (such as “scan QR-codes”) so that other app can depend on such a function rather than on a specific app?

I have installed Barcode Scanner from ZXing Team and it runs just fine (I’m using this App for years now).
I don’t have Syncthing, but the scanner e.g. responds to the browser address bar QR code icon (Browser is Fennec F-Droid) just fine, so I guess other Apps should be able to use it, too.

There is a nice qr scanner in f-droid ‘binary eye’ but if an app has to start a qr reader you can.get trouble, because a lot apps will need original goolag services for that.

I goid workaround is scanning the qr outsite the app and copy to string and than pasted in the requested app.

Thank you people. “Barcode Scanner” from “ZXing Team” does the job. My bad, I saw it in “Apps” but was not confident enough to try it as the icon shows classic bar code only. Anyway, it works with syncthing and browser and I will try wifi-psk tomorow.

Any idea why the in-syncthing installation did not work?

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Perfect, so I will put your Post to SOLVED, OK. If not, pls let me know.

Yes of course. Thanks. I thought about about doing it myself. But I am not sure how to do this. Just edit the Titel?

yes, that’s the way :slight_smile:

The future version of Firefox named Firefox Preview has a built-in QR code reader. You can activate it when you are typing in the URL bar. As it is the only way I use QR codes I don’t need any other app