[SOLVED] NRJ Mobile Redmi 3S


I’m in France, I use a Redmi 3S.
I just switch provider from “SOSH” to “NRJ Mobile” (SFR network) and now I haven’t any data. I contacted NRJ’s helpdesk but they “never have tested on a Redmi 3S” and the only thing they’ve been able to do is make me reset APN and reset data/roaming, etc
Well it just doesn’t work, I have mobile network but no data. I had already used this provider with this phone but I was still using MIUI not /e/.

Anybody with a Redmi 3S and /e/ (0.5-o-20190418440-dev-land) has this issue ?

I’ve another smartphone (an old Nokia 720 with Windows phone 10) and it’s working so I guess it’s really an issue with /e/

Thank you

Hi, have you tried to reset bluetooth, wifi and mobile data settings in the reset tab of the settings app ? A miracle may be possible :yum:

Yes, it doesn’t change anything.

Well, network reset have broken everythin, no data at all will my 3 SIM :’( I’ve reset totally the phone, my previous SIM works, I will cancel my new subscription and keep the one that work well, I’m tired to have this kind of issues everytime I change my provider…