[SOLVED] Ordering of apps to groups: How to leave from a group?

Hello everyone,

I am new to /e/OS. So, maybe this is just a minor thing:
I started to order my apps in groups. After a while I wanted to change a group by putting an app from one group to another. But I failed. I have no idea how to move an app from a group back to the main screen. Could anyone help me?

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Same way as you have moved in. Push on icon til all juggle. Than that one from folder and move it out and than in the new folder


yes, sounds simple and is exact what I’ve tried to do. When I move it out of the groups space nothing happens. When I drop it outside that space, there is only the message “no more room in page”.

When it should work as I expect and you described it, too, then it is a BUG on Fairphones. Or did I misunderstood your instruction?

It seems you will first ‘create’ a new site or moving temporary from outside a folder inside a folder. So you have enough space to move the icon.out of the folder.

I don’t think it’s a bug. Bliss launcher not so nice and a lit if thinks don’t be available.
I prefer using a launcher with more, better options

Okay, here we go:

I created a group with 10 apps. 9 on the first screen, one in the second.
My experience (when icons wobble):

  • Within the group no possibility to change the order of icons
  • Within the group not possible to move the icon from the second to the first screen nor vice versa

I used gestures to move the icons like on the main screen or like in iOS. On the main screen I can change the order of icons and switch between screens.

So please tell me what am I doing wrong (in case this is not a BUG).
By the way, I installed /e/OS on a Fairphone 2 and got a brand new FP3+ order by /e/. On both phones I have the same issue.

Yes, that’s no option in Bliss Launcher.

As I have written, you have first move it out of folder. From main screen you can move it in the other folder.

If both, different devices have the same issue it’s not really an issue. As I have written. Bliss Launcher doesn’t have much options. It’s too much like iOS Launcher.

OK, please tell me in detail how to do this. If only I could, I would do it.

Now I got it: The problem was that there was no space on the main screen. When I moved icons from the main screen to somewhere else, everything worked as expected.
Problem solved, thanks.

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