[SOLVED] OTA Update on Mi 8 (Dipper)


I have received an OTA update on Mi8 to upgrade from the 10 Feb 2020 version to the 12 Feb 2020 version.

I have downloaded and installed the update.
After the install, the phone reboots.
At this point the updater says it is still on the 10 Feb update and to install the new 12 Feb version.
I have repeated the exercise and it returns to the same result.

I hope it is of some help to the project.

Many thanks!!!

Same thing for my Galaxy SM.G930F. but with the version of February 13, 2020. I install it then after reboot I’m still in the February 11th version and it asks me to download the February 13th version again.


Hi @claudiousse , @AnotherUser can one of you raise a bug reg this here if already raised add your comments and device name and build details

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Bonjour @Manoj
C’est fait !
it’s done !


I have just installed the latest /e/OS 0.7-2020021541379 update proposal of February 15th. The problem exposed with the previous version is obsolete now.
thanks to all the devs team.

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Hi, Unfortunately the issue persists with my device.

OTA update not installing on my device.

The update worked when flashed using TWRP (second attempt)


Pl raise it as a bug here. Providing details of your device + current /e/ build

done. thank you very much.


Issue resolved. The latest two OTA updates installing without issue.