[SOLVED] Phone keeps vibrating



Hi there,
The issue is already solved, but I thought I’d drop this here since it took me a bit to figure out what was going on.
I noticed the phone was giving of a double vibration quite often and seemingly without reason. Tried a few things suggested from random android forums, but eventually found out that the vibrations were caused by the snyc frequency which is set by default to 2 min. Once I changed that the phone was behaving again.
Hope this helps anyone who runs into the same.


Hi @Carlos on which device did you face this issue.


Hi Manoj,
OnePlus 5t


Hi @Carlos
I have the same issue on my Redmi 3S.
Can you explain me the step to fix the issue please ?
Where am I supposed to find the sync frequency ? Is it account related ?

Thank you for your time,



@Carlos are you referring to the sync settings here …Settings icon >> User & Accounts >> username e account >> Account settings>> settings ( gear icon)