[SOLVED] Phone keeps vibrating

Hi there,
The issue is already solved, but I thought I’d drop this here since it took me a bit to figure out what was going on.
I noticed the phone was giving of a double vibration quite often and seemingly without reason. Tried a few things suggested from random android forums, but eventually found out that the vibrations were caused by the snyc frequency which is set by default to 2 min. Once I changed that the phone was behaving again.
Hope this helps anyone who runs into the same.

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Hi @Carlos on which device did you face this issue.

Hi Manoj,
OnePlus 5t

Hi @Carlos
I have the same issue on my Redmi 3S.
Can you explain me the step to fix the issue please ?
Where am I supposed to find the sync frequency ? Is it account related ?

Thank you for your time,


@Carlos are you referring to the sync settings here …Settings icon >> User & Accounts >> username e account >> Account settings>> settings ( gear icon)

Hi @tomekl and @Manoj
As Manoj indicated, thats the setting, it took me a while to find it the first time
Settings > Users & Accounts > username /e/ account > Account settings > settings ( gear icon)
There i changed all the sync settings to once a day (aka 1440 minutes)

I had the same problem with my 5t.
It was the task synchronisation, that make the phone vibrate every 2 minutes.


Does anyone know why the phone vibrates at sync?
My Xiaomi Mi A1 started to do this yesterday.

Edit: I could solve the issue by going to Settings > Users & Accounts > username (webDAV)
(I’m using my own webDAV server, not the one from /e/.)
When i synced manually the phone did vibrate.
Then i unchecked calendar, contacts and so on. I did one manual sync and then i switched them back on and synced again manually.
The phone did not vibrate, so the problem is solved for me.
(source: https://forums.bitfire.at/topic/1899/vibration-on-sync/9)

I’m having this issue for the first time after upgrading to Android Pie /e/ build on my Fairphone 2.

At first I thought it was doing it when switching from LTE to H+ or other communication networks. But can’t find any vibration settings related to that.
In this post I read that the syncing could provoke vibrations but there are no settings to turn this off either. and I don’t want to turn off syncing as some of you here suggest.

I just don’t want my phone to vibrate so often. The vibrations are quite irregular. Sometime several times per minute and sometime nothing for a while. Any clue anyone?

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Heyo Cedric,
Turning off syncing isn’t the way to go, but I do strongly suggest to change the interval to something reasonable (once or twice a day maybe)
Did you check
Settings>“Users and Accounts”> under personal select your @e.email>“Account settings”>settings icon on the top right

I’ll try it. thanks for your reply.

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I changed it to sync calendar every 15 minutes instead of the default 3 minutes or so: it seems to vibrate a bit less but it still vibrates sometimes, not every 15 minutes but at random intervals. It seems to do it more often in areas with difficult 4G (LTE) connectivity where it is often switching from 4G network to another network.
This behavior started with Pie. I didn’t experience these vibrations when Nougat was installed.

oh, I’m still in oreo, where the sync was the issue, if the vibration is less though it appears that the issue is at least related