[Solved] Problem upgrade Fairphone 2 from Q dev tot R stable

At the moment my Fairphone 2 is on e-1.8.1-q-20230206257879-dev-FP2.zip.
What is the advised approach to change the phone to IMG-e-1.12.3-r-20230614299637-stable-FP2.zip
If I try to sideload this R zip in TWRP I get invalid zip file format.
I checked the md5sum and it give the correct value.
Can somebody tell me what I should do?

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Ok, there’s stable for FP2 now, interesting.

The “IMG…” file you try to use is not for use with ADB Sideload, it is for installing with fastboot. If you extract the file, you will get partition images and a flash script to flash them with the phone in fastboot mode.
(Before we complain about the documentation … the documentation only links to the dev builds and is correct for installing them, they are in the OTA format for ADB Sideload, also note the missing “IMG” in their filename.)

If you want to use ADB Sideload nonetheless, you would need the corresponding install file in OTA format, the link to it is available in https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP2/stable (see the “url:” lines).


I have no idea how to install with fastboot.
Do you know where I can find information for installing on Linux?

You don’t need to.

“link to it” is a link to it :wink: .


Sorry for the mistake.
Many thanks for your help.
My Fairphone 2 is now running on R 1.12.3-r-20230614299637-stable-FP2.
I so glad to be able to still use my Fairphone 2 in a save way.


Glad it worked out.
How did you know stable exists for FP2? (The install guide doesn’t mention it and FP2 is not supported by the Easy Installer.)

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I saw the link https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP2/ and I thought what happens if I change the word ‘dev’ in the link in ‘stable’.
And then I found the stable R version for the FP2.


@Manoj: Since the FP2 install guide doesn’t mention stable builds and they are in a different format not matching the install guide, is stable now being built consistently for the FP2, so any future FP2 R versions will be built in stable, too, or is this some kind of fluke and we should better not rely on it?


Good find :+1: .
I just noticed the stable builds of 1.11-r and 1.12.3-r came a few days before the corresponding dev builds (did occasionally happen on other devices, too), so perhaps don’t expect much enhanced stability from stable in such cases :wink: .

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