[SOLVED] Purchasing watchfaces using Huawei Health app

Hello Everyone!
My first post since installing /e/ on my Oneplus 3T three months ago. I am very impressed and happy with everything so far. I admit after testing many ROMs over the years, this one has been a real educational experience as I continue to make my phone more secure and efficient with Nextcloud. It takes a while to learn to do things differently but well worth the effort!

I have a problem with Huawei Health app. I installed this one with Aurora. Not sure whether I should have signed into Aurora with my google account rather than anonymous first or install via Google play website signed in. I cannot make puchases on this app (clicking the price button does nothing on the app). Everything else including syncing my watch with Health app works flawlessly on /e/. I even went as far as trying emulators like Noxplayer and Bluestacks to try to workaround the issue but not able to connect to GT2 watch with those emulators.

Interesting that I should get spam SMS immediately after installing Noxplayer so I proceeded to uninstall it and and change my Google password ;o)

Has anyone had success in buying watchfaces using Huawei Health app running on /e/?



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I have just succeeded with this. This issue is now SOLVED

Note the required, tested steps:

  1. Set Google Safety net to On <—Not at all sure whether this is required at all!
  2. Login to Aurora with your google account
  3. Search ‘Huawei Health’ and download with Aurora
  4. Allow ALL permissions app the is requesting: location, call logs, phone, contacts etc…
  5. Go to Devices → pair watch → watchfaces → go to PAID watchface
  6. It will prompt for installation of HMS core 4.0 or higher [Huawei Mobile Services app] (it will take you there).
  7. change to ‘Allow installation from this source’
  8. You must then logout of your Huawei ID (your Huawei account in bottom right ‘Me’ section) in Huawei Health app.
  9. Open the app again, go to PAID watchface
  10. You should now be successfull to click through and select payment method.

OPTIONAL: block off unwanted permissions in App settings, trackers, etc…
*In Tracker Control app for example, HMS Core does not require access to ‘uncategorized trackers’ for this to work btw, nor does Huawei Health need access to ‘Advertising’ trackers at all!