Solved: Remove address book (connected with e-cloud)

While exporting address data from my old phone, the first step was to import it in /e/cloud. While doing this, I have accidently generated a second address book.

Meanwhile, I have connecte a Fairphone 3 with /e/ to the cloud.

Now, I deleted that (empty) second address book on /e/cloud (no problem).
It was also possible to remove it form the “settings” / “accounts” list on the mobile after using the trick to turn off its synchronisation before trying to delete it.

Remaining problem is the address book app on the phone, itself.
It is not possible to permantly remove the connection to the second address book. It stubbornly returns (only in the address app), with the effect of annoying error messages when synchronizing.

What can I do to permanently remove that link?

solution: there is indeed a third place to deactivate the unused address book.
In the address app, click on “manage accounts”, select the existing account (****, tap on it and it will open a screen listing the address books of this account.
Unchecking the obsolete account at this place finally stopped the phone from trying to update it.

I’m new to Android and do now understand my boss when he was complaining about usability of this OS. To be urged to change settings for the same thing at two or more places is hard to explain why it’s necessary. (same with notifications and, I assume, a lot of other things …). He comes from Apple, me from Blackberry and we are not used to this. Still learning …

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