[SOLVED] Reset e.email password

I can’t login, and need a new password. How to?

use this side, there you can request a new pw https://drive.ecloud.global/login

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It didn’t work out, but I figured out my PW by some luck ty sir

Hi @taemta3 when you say it did not work out do you mean the you tried the ‘Forgot password’ link and it did not work?
Please let us know so that we can have the concerned team look into this.

Yes I gave the email I registered with and it said it was not in the database

Thanks for the clarification.Also please can you let me know how you were able to resolve the issue.

I guessed my PW correctly

:slight_smile: ok. Let me pass on the issue details to the development team.


I accessed https://drive.ecloud.global/login but the “Forgot password?” link doesn’t work for me. I received the confirmation email from this community when I signed up though, so I can receive other emails into my account without issues.

The “Reset password” button doesn’t do anything either.

I can read the message

“We have send a password reset e-mail to the e-mail address known to us for this account. If you do not receive it within a reasonable amount of time, check your spam/junk folders.
If it is not there ask your local administrator.”

but I checked every folder in my email and there’s nothing.

Do you know what could the problem be?


Nevermind… 4 password reset emails just arrived into my alternative email address. It may have been a problem with that account and no /e/, can’t really tell.