[SOLVED] ROM upload bottleneck

I have been making unofficial builds on cloud compute instances (Vultr, OVH). To make them available I download the zip files to my local machine using scp, then upload to AndroidFileHost using their Web GUI. My home internet access is via ADSL so the upload to AndroidFileHost is very slow (upload speed is 1Mb/s, compared to ~20Mb/s download) and makes my home internet virtually unusable while it is in progress. So I’d like to find some way of making the ROM available direct from the cloud instance to AndroidFileHost (or some other hosting service).

AndroidFileHost have a ‘Web Upload’ button, but I’m not sure what I would have to do on my remote instance to make the zip file visible.

Alternatively, I think I could upload the file to a ‘File Drop’ in my /e/ files account using curl as described here.

Can anyone suggest how to get the file from there to AndroidFileHost, or to a different file hosting service? I know I could make the files available direct from my /e/ account, but I would rather not use up my /e/ file storage quota, and I’m not keen on giving others access to my files.

Thanks for any ideas.

[Later] Maybe /e/ could provide a NextCloud FileDrop for ROM builders to drop their ROMs, and could host the ROMs instead of AndroidFileHost?


Why ? It’s much better to upload everything on AndroidFileHost since it increased the number of users, there is no point in hidding the ROM and make it accessible only for /e/ forum users.

One very good example :
For the device “ido”, there is only a few click on the forum.
But there are 61 downloads on AndroidFileHost.


Sorry - bad phrasing on my part. I’m quite happy to have ROMs hosted on AFH - I just need a better way of getting them there. I can probably find a way of doing it by pushing from my cloud compute instance to my /e/ file account then making them available via WebDav for the AFH ‘Web upload’ functionality. But I have no idea whether that would work, and I could only do it because I have paid for the 20GB storage quota. For anyone who only has the 1GB free quota it could be a problem to do that.

So I think that /e/ could help people who are making unofficial builds by providing (and testing?) a File Drop that will be visible to the AFH Web Upload service. They have the resources (storage, bandwidth) and the expertise to do it quicker and better than someone like me trying to ‘roll their own’ solution .

Even if this is not something /e/ want to do, I would be very grateful for any ideas or help to be able to make builds available without having to negotiate the bottleneck of my home internet upload link.

Sadly I don’t know a service on which you could upload something thanks to a command line and then make the file available to download in order to use the “Web Upload” fonctionnality of AndroidFileHost… But it would be interesting indeed.

I have found a possible answer on XDA Developers forums

  • Beside account and developer status…one need to request to AFH support for the ftp access and wait till you get your ftp username:password from AFH support

  • At google cloud cd or go to directory where the file you want to upload to AFH

    curl -ftp-pasv -T ROMNAME.zip ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@uploads.androidfilehost.com

  • Login at AFH > File manager > Device > Manage files > Folder > Files > Import ftp > select server (wait till fetch finish) > select the file > Add to queue > click the Start Upload button > done

I’ve requested and been given ftp access at AFH. I’m running a build (for Sony karin_windy) at the moment. If it succeeds I’ll try sending it from the OVH instance direct to AFH. I’ll let you know how I get on.

[Later] It works very well.

curl --ftp-pasv -T *.zip ftp://petefoth:*****************@uploads.androidfilehost.com

% Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                               Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed

100  742M    0     0  100  742M      0  27.0M  0:00:27  0:00:27 --:--:-- 27.0M

742MB in 27 seconds! I am v. happy with this outcome :slight_smile:
If you’re building ROMs remotely, then get ftp access from AFH!