SOLVED: Samsung S9 update to eOS 1.1 (20220628), crashes when receiving a call, Android SystemUI stops working

Hi all, have been using e OS for over a year now on a Samsung S9, no major issues. I hadn’t updated for a while and last night upgraded from 0.22 (or thereabouts) to version 1.1 (20220628199797). It went through the process ok, encrypted the phone, all seems ok, but now whenever I receive a call, the phone either doesn’t ring or it crashes and tells me Android SystemUI stopped working.
I can make calls no problem, but receiving won’t work.
This is really nasty, would appreciate any suggestions

The other thing I noticed is that battery usage is through the roof, too…


UPDATE: After about 20 reboots, other apps failing or not starting intermittently, for some completely unexplained reason, the phone recovered and all appears to be working normally again now, battery usage also is similar to what it was before…It recovered gradually, at each reboot some new things stopped working and slowly started working again.