[Solved] Screenshot and splited screen


Not really an issue, I noticed that screenshot fails when screen is on split mode (with one or more app launched, nav-bar > long press right button).

A notif. says ‘Your organization doesn’t allow…’ (translation). I’m using Shelter but noticed this problem in main profile.

Beside this, when only one app is launched, second part of screen can’t launch a new app. I don’t know if these problems are linked…

P.S.: e-0.9-n, unofficial, 2020.06.02 build.

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screenshots in split screen (main profile) works perfectly for me on Pie.

Are you sure you didn’t use an app that doesn’t allow screenshots ?

You have to have at least two apps opened in background to be able to directly open a second app in split screen. So open two apps before testing again.



You’re right, after a few more tests that’s Silence wich doesn’t allow screenshot. Works fine with two ‘system’ apps…

Opening apps from half screen could be a nice feature : for ex. while texting you need to copy-past a link/text… then split the screen, open mail or PDF and :sunglasses:

I can’t figure if it would easy to code, using already existing e.code…

I do can do that (at least) using Bliss Launcher.
Put an app into half screen. Then, on the other half, use it as normal screen, go to where the app icon is an tap it to open.
Perfectly functions for me

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OK, sorry, it’s an OpenLauncher limitation, so…

I tried once more to use Bliss when migrated my device from e-0.7 to e-0.9, but really can’t… Enormous icons with ridiculously tiny text, all names shortened, no way to clear and organize ‘desktop’… Bliss V1, perhaps ???

I read they’re working into it, but is the thinkway what limits what can be done. Inspired on iOS, for sure.