[SOLVED] Security connection unknown certificate

Today I received notifications about unknown X509 certificates for e.email and ecloud.global.
How can I check the certificate to validate it?

Hi @Vincer this was due to a certificate issue on our server . An announcement was posted about this here. You can accept the certificate if it is showing up. The issue was resolved some time back as updated on the forum.

Thanks for the fast reply.
I hadn’t found the previous post before despite looking at the forum (Miss use of the search engine?).
Anyway thanks again for the reply!

Should I put the thread as [solved]?

The issue is resolved :slight_smile: So you can put in [SOLVED]

Hello, today my FP3+ phone with /e/ asked me if X509 certificate for ecloud.global is correct and shows SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes for me to check. How do I make sure these are correct?

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Hello, I also have such a notification today. How do I know if I should accept the certificate or not? Thanks