[SOLVED] Skype/Wire not reachable (no phone wake-up)

Since a little while I am facing issues with video chat apps. When the phone is unused and I am being called on Skype or Wire the call does not get through. Not sure if this is an /e/ specific issue.
I did not notice a diffence if it was a video or an audio chat. When the phone was recently in use (less than 5 mins) the call gets through?

Any clue if I can solve this with some tweaks? Is it related to energy saving settings?

Any similar experiences with other apps?

It probably is an energy saving thing, like you suspect. I have had a similar issue with receiving Signal messages depending on the battery settings I choose. Note my instructions below are for the Pie (Android 9) version of /e/ that I am running. Depending on your Android version, the menu options may have different names.

If you go to the Settings app, tap “Apps & notifications”, then tap on Skype or Wire, you’ll open “App info”. From there, you can change the battery settings under “Background restriction” and “Battery optimization”. Changing those settings to allow the app to run in the background and turn off battery optimization should allow the apps more freedom to run (at the cost of potentially reducing battery life) so you get incoming call notifications.

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Thanks, I tried that but there’s unfortunately no difference to the situation described above. Any clue if there are adjustments possible in microG?

Changing the settings under App Info" (“Background restriction” and “Battery optimization") solved indeed solving my problen.
So, this issue can be considered as SOLVED.

Is it “Google Cloud Messaging” that has to be active for Wire notifications?

In microG it does not show Wire as registered app. Somehow it does not show Wire notifications when I tested it. But Signal notifications work fine.