[SOLVED] Subscribe to external ics calendar


I’ve found topics about getting an .ics URL from an /e/ account, but no topics about syncing a public .ics calendar to the /e/ calendar application.

As a student I have an URL for an .ics (read-only) calendar to get information about my courses and I am not able to display it in my calendar with the default application on my new /e/ phone (it works on my computer with Thunderbird and on my old iPhone). I managed to sync my personal caldav calendar but cannot fetch this ics calendar.

Any solutions please ?

(By the way I notice there are no widgets for the default calendar application.)

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Hi, you will need a link to the calendar like
and ICSx5 from f-droid to get the calendar synced
and SimpleCalendar from f-droid for showing the events and adding a widget to your desktop :slight_smile:


I installed ICSx5 as you recommended, entered the *.ics URL and it worked !

Thanks a lot ! :heart:

I just need to complete downloading maps into local memory and setup is complete :smile:

(I will see if the lack of widget influences my workflow before looking for another calendar app, but I keep your suggestion in mind, thanks again)

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glad to hear it. Enjoy eOS

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Hi again! Good news, I found a built-in solution to get events in a widget:

  1. press “edit” button at the bottom of the widgets to activate cLock widget;
  2. swipe down the top of the screen to display the notifications and tap the current date to open the clock application;
  3. open the three dots menu in the top-right corner and select “widget settings”;
  4. select option “calendar events” to activate “next event” option and configure it as you want.

Note: The names of the buttons may not be accurate as my /e/phone language is not set to English so I wrote my approximate translations :grin:.