[SOLVED] Synchronize Keepass2Android with ecloud

Hi !
I’m trying to connect the Keepass2Android application with my ecloud account but I’m facing an error I don’t understand.

First, I choose “nextcloud” database with the following credentials:

And then I get the error “Unable to connect to the file provider service null”

What do you think ?

the address is wrong for keepass2android. You only have to use the server address https://ecloud.global not more

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Thanks! It worked! I’m closing the issue.

It is strange. For me, https://ecloud.global/remote.php/webdav works fine…

Really on keepass2android?

What’s wrong with this app?

Nothing. Why asking? Noone has written that there is something wrong with it

Same here: I use Keepass2Android 1.07b-r0 (ok, with my own instance of owncloud, not ecloud) and I have to include “/remote.php/webdav” in the URL as well.

Then I didn’t get it, nevermind.

Yes. But with onlyoffice desktop on windows, only “https://ecloud.global” works…