[SOLVED] Synchronizing Notes on phone and cloud fails because of invalid certificate - Phone S7 SM-G930F

Synchronizing Notes between phone and e-cloud fails with following message errors despite connecting through my e.email address:

  • Notes - CN - e.email 1m / Notes Sécurité de la connexion / Veuillez relire et vérifier le certificat
  • Détails de connexion incorrects: erreur d’E/S
  • javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Timeout when waiting for certificate trustworthiness decision
    I’ve briefly seen somewhere that my address followed a id@e.email@e.email pattern.
    Yet both phone and cloud applications run on their side. They just don’t communicate. No synchronization problem with the task application.

Solved: server address was set as https://e.email.
If I try to connect through Parameters / account / Login with an /e/ account / select an account (either) myownid@e.email (or) Add an account and if I select myownid@e.email then server address is set as https://e.email. If I manually set this server address as https://ecloud.global then connection and synchronization work.