[SOLVED] Thenderbird with /e/mail "Ratelimit user exceeded"

I’m using thunderbird and I would like to send an email to a bunch of people to organise a Flash Party but, I’m facing this error message : 451 4.7.1 Ratelimit “user” exceeded.


What should I do?

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HI @Julien How many people are you sending the mail to

Sounds like a restriction from the server, maybe to avoid people from using their /e/mail to spam, and avoid the e.email domain to be black listed.

Try to split the mailing list in half and send two mails instead of one. If it doesn’t work, split again.

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There was some issue with spammers due to which some restrictions are in place. So as mentioned by @Anonyme reducing the count would help.

Thank you manoj. 77 people for now.

Problem solved :slight_smile: thanks

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