[SOLVED] Trying to use " NC Passwords" app

I am stuck with this screen :
Click on connexion do nothing…

And connecting to the murena cloud interface using browser don’t help

What app are you using, what is the device and /e/ version string ?
Do you have 2FA enabled ?
If the application is compatible with NC application password, you can generate one here: https://murena.io/settings/user/security (all the way to the bottom).

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“NC Passwords” comes from F-Droid

Don’t know about 2FA

I am running e-0.18-r-unofficial-serranoltexx

I quickly tested NC Passwords, it is version 22.1. This is the first screen I saw

Then I logged in to Murena on the device; restart Passwords; login is straightforward.

Once you know the device is logged in do you see exactly the same message?


My fault was trying to connect NC Passwords to the ecloud.global server using my @e.email account
it works connecting to the murena.io server using my @murena.io account

Thanks for support @aibd @smu44