[Solved] Unable to use easy installer on samsung galaxy s9+ G965F

hi everybody
i’ve finally changed my G965U for a G965F and started to install e/ via the easy installer
and went thru all the steps until the moment i had too install star2lte on my new phone

after pushing on the three buttons indicated, i saw a page with very little writings, saying “downloading”, but nothing happened and i am stuck in downloading on the phone.

as i can notice no data transfer via wifi is happening (leds on my router are steady instead
of flashing as data comes in)

also the screeen had shown “teamwin” application

sorry i am a real noob with smartphones so i do not know how to resolve that and seriously need help

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Hi @humpf ,

I think you might check your situation with this post (and follow the links offered there)

then perhaps ask again if you can narrow down your issue.

Bon chance

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thank you for your help, this helped a lot since things were not described clearly in the installer of easy installer ;=)

i am now in the install of e/ hope to go through all i ll come back when finished

e. is installed thank you for helping !!

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hi again just a question i do not know where to ask : is it not possible to loggin to e/ site with a real password ? I can only loggin via email link wich semms strange to me…

Anyways thanks for your help past and future cheers !

Yes it is.
Yes it is.

hello piero but comment tu fais donc s’il te plait ???

thank you ;=)