[SOLVED] Update /e/ or not update /e/?

I have an S7 with preloaded /e/.
I received an update notification : eel 0.7-2019081620422.
Should I download and install it? I saw that it is better to be careful with updates.
In general, should I update when notified (I use only /e/ appstore)

Hi Vincer,

Updating is safe and for me really safe : I use e pie unofficial on OnePlus 5 for a month and the OS is getting better each time I upgrade.
Just a little thing, I use hgLauncher instead of Bliss for the home app ; I like things simple and fonctionnal.


Hi Vincer,
I have a Nexus 5x but updating for me was quick and painless.

Hi. I also can only report good experience with the system update. I have installed every update since last Dec and no problems at all. Nexus 5

Update done yesterday. No problem so far
Thanks everyone

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