[SOLVED] Update /e/ or not update /e/?

My nexus 5 got briced once when updating, about three months ago. I dirty flashed an old update package, the phone came back to life but all the settings, customizations, wallpaper, even the installed apps have returned to the state of the previous month’s. It’s just like my phone had gone through a time travel, except the data stored in my phone, newly installed apps disappeared, and unistalled ones reappeared. Quite a fantastic experience :upside_down_face: , though I didn’t tell anyone at that time since common people don’t like hear your “phone-tinkering” stories. :expressionless:

BTW every time /e/ updates it reinstalls all the shipped apps, which is quite annoying since I prefer some apps to the default ones, I unistall the default QKSMS, Mail, Opentasks and replace them with silence, librem mail and tasks (astrid fork) every time I update /e/… Man I hope there’s a solution for this.

With my Galaxy S7 I’ve other (better) experiences, e. g., I’m uninstalling the following /e/ applications …


… and replace it from the f-droid store:

Librem Mail
Silence Encrypted SMS/MMS
Simple Calendar Pro
Simple Contacts Pro
Tasks - Fork of Astrid Tasks & To-Do List
(Simple) Flashlight - Do not get lost in the dark

After one, two, three /e/ OTA updates, everything stays as I set it up. All preinstalled /e/ apps that I’ve uninstalled are not automatically restored. They stay gone and the apps installed via f-droid are preserved. It’s on my device as it should be…

I have a s7 bought from /e/ and I am still stick with the version of the 6 of january. Even manual search dont fond update…

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Since 6 January 2020 there have been a number of updates for /e/ dev users. For further information only.

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I’m in the same situation as kaiox and don’t dare installing an update manually - is there a chance /e/ will update a stable version automatically (OTA) in the near future? Thanks for help!

Hello @bauduen, the S7 currently still runs with /e/ OS 7-nougart. Since there are no official Android security leases since last year, the /e/OS Build Team has to do a lot of work to generate security leases from higher Android versions (8.x / 9). So it may still take some time.

However, there is a little bit of hope: /e/ OS 8-Oreo has been tested for the S7 / S7 Edge for two months. Improvement is coming in small steps …


Hello @archje, thanks a lot for your explanation - and thanks a lot to all of you at /e/ for the fantastic work you’re doing!

Hm, that’s weird. Maybe it’s because you unistalled a lot? :joy: I wonder if my process is right? I use the /systemapps remover app from f-droid, convert those I’d like to uninstall into normal apps, them I directly unistall them from launcher…

I only test rooted devices in exceptional cases (never really), and almost never with a remover app or remover script.

adb shell uninstall <name> (remove the app)

reliably removes one app after another with instant feedback. Meanwhile, this only takes a few minutes for me.

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Good, thanks for that. Gotta mess up with that good old terminal! :grin:)

Yeah. but you know and see what you do.

Hi there,
I have an other issue, since january I have no updates found. I’m on a samsung galaxy S7 which I bought with /e/ pre-installed.
Is it normal ?
Thank you

I will (or somebody else) tell you if it’s normal or not.

Hi @Xyguma the stable builds which go on the phones we sell through the eStore are released less frequently. This is when compared to the normal development builds. We are currently testing a build and there should be an update in the next couple of weeks on the stable branch.

I’m a S7 “dev” user and until today I only have the Android security patch level from February 5, 2020.

Pl can you check what is the latest security patch for the S7. Normally the builds picks up the latest patch from upstream. If there is a newer version of the patch and it is not reflecting pl let me know and I can have that checked.

Samsung has rolled out the April 2020 update of Android™ Security Updates for the first Galaxy smartphones. The patch fixes 14 critical and 39 high security vulnerabilities. Please see also Android™ Security Bulletin - April 2020.

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Thank you very much, it clarifies a lot, I didn’t know. Thank you

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In the meantime even a fantastically well working but unofficial /e/ OS ROM 9-pie was built. Unfortunately, it will remain a flash in the pan, as it is not intended to be used as a basis for further development or even monthly security patches. Sad story …

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Thanks a lot for update /e/OS 0.9-2020062860623 for S7 - just installed it and so far it works great! Only one problem remains: Rotation seems to be connected to adaptive brightness, it only works properly with every app if that is switched on (I hope I’m in the right thread with that…).