[SOLVED] Vivaldi web browser

I cannot update Vivaldi web browser. I get repeated notifications that an update available, but Update reports “this app is currently unavailable, please try again later” - later never seems to come! A search on the App Installer shows Vivaldi, but it is “currently unavailable”. A new version of Vivaldi has recently been released, is it not on the /e/ app respository yet?

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which store are you using ? Apps store ? If yes, try with Aurora store

The update from Vivaldi browser Beta to Vilvaldi browser stable a few days ago worked fine for me, on my Fairphone 2 through the /e/ app store.

could be that you are using the ‘new’ apps store

I have /e/ OS version 0.9 installed that has the newest /e/ app store, indeed

@steveredshaw which version are you using ?

Version of Apps installer? Don’t know how to find that info. Vivaldi on my phone is 2.9, I’m wanting to get the latest v3.

I was not aware of this other app store. And v3 of Vivaldi was on it. Thanks very much.

It wasn’t the version off apps. It was the eOS version i want know. The v0.9 has the new apps which should solved ‘old’ apk versions.
But if your issue is solved, everything is fine :+1:

I think I’m on 0.8, but situation dealt with successfully, thanks to forum help…

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