Some bluetooth devices do not work after 1.14 update on FP4

Hello dear users and developers,

Vendor: Fairphone
Device: Fairphone 4
Code name: FP4
Previous OS version: /e/OS 1.13 stable
Rooted: No

My Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphone does not work correctly after the 1.14 update on my FairPhone 4.
Everything worked just fine right before the update.
The phone then updated and after that my Bluetooth headphone manages to connect to the phone but I can’t have any sound coming from the phone.
Everything is “buggy” when I try to listen to something with this device.
YouTube, Spotify (privacy friendly alternatives), etc., On everything, I can no longer hear sound.
The “listening” behavior is weird… The music or video progress bar moves but very very very slowly like one second per 5/6 secondes and there is no sound at all.

To sum-up:

Can anyone think of a fix or a way to find the reason ?
I’ve also seen other person reporting a similar issue since the 1.14 update.
Feedback for v1.14 - #130 by yens