Some issues with YouVersion Bible App on FP3 - Can you reproduce?

Hi, my name is Stefan and this is my first post in the /e/ community. :slight_smile: :wave: As a community leader in the Fairphone community, I’ve been following /e/ for quite a while. I’d like to ask for your help in finding out the root of my problem with the YouVersion Bible App.

First of all, the YouVersion Bible App in any version >7 (current version is 8.15.2) does not allow registration/login via e-mail on /e/. I had to get version 6.4.2, which has an older login screen, and could log in there. I then updated the app through Apps.

What happens

Now, when I start the app, everything is fine until I go to “Reading Plans”, swipe right to “Find new plans” and click on any of the plans. The app crashes there.

What should happen

An info screen about the Reading Plan should appear (second screenshot).


Go to, start Reading Plan from there and refresh the Bible App by pulling down from above. Reading Plan appears in your personal list.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install YouVersion Bible App (The Bible App Free + Audio, Daily Verse, Offline)
    • Logging in should not be mandatory (?). Try to get past the login screen and use the app without login.
  2. Go to :heavy_check_mark: “Reading Plans”
  3. Go to “Find New Plans”
  4. Click on any of the Plans (the big rectangles, see screenshot below)
  5. App crashes

My system

FP3 with /e/ 0.9



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Posted here because of limitations for new users.

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Hi, welcome in this forum :slight_smile:

I tried your app (under Shelter and a good adblocker), and indeed it crashes on /e/ Oreo.

Please open an issue on the gitlab with a log file. This way the dev team will be able to see if this is a /e/ issue and evaluate the priority.

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Issue opened:

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