Some newie questions: Auto Power off and mute

I’m new around here and just bought a Gigaset with /e/ preinstalled.
I have been looking through the options and there are a couple that I have not found. I would like to share with you to see if you can give me any idea if they exist or not.

1.- Is there an auto-power-off and auto-power on option with /e/? I would like the phone to turn off at a predetermined time and turn on at a different time. Is that possible?

2.- Is there any way to mute the phone in a convenient way, i.e. by pressing a button? How could it be configured?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers!

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There is the ‘Do not Disturb’ tile in the pull down options.

To use it pull down from the top twice to show all the tiles.

If the Do not Disturb tile is not visible touch the pencil icon in the bottom left (I am assuming you are on ‘q’)

You can then drag and drop whatever tiles you are interested in to the drop down menu.

Touching the ‘Do Not Disturb’ tile will mute your phone until you touch it again.
To change settings, and to set up a regular schedule touch the down arrow under the DND tile, and select ‘More Settings’, then select ‘Schedules’.


Thanks @DelJen !
That’s exactly what I was looking for!!!