Some (Probably) Very Basic Android Questions

I avoided smartphones for years, then was an Apple user for a long time. I started using /e/os with a Teracube, and have recently stepped up to the Pixel 5. As a phone the Pixel 5 is much better. I’m still not familiar enough to know the difference between general Android file system questions and things specific to /e/.

I would still like to use the Teracube for offline map navigation (no SIM, no available WiFi) how far can I go in disabling Murena services?

I’d like to continue to synch GPS tracks, POI and maps, and a few radio apps to the cloud, but don’t need snappymail, etc. Winlink email and APRS are still pretty useful things to have, even in an offline Android phone.

For that matter, with the current snappymail bug, I have found I enjoy K9Mail just fine, and would like to disable snappymail and its notifications entirely, if possible.

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Hello @signalscout, I cannot answer all of your questions, but regarding

the solution I would use is quite simple: You can deactivate automatic synchronization in the /e/OS mail app, then the e-mail app should do nothing in the background as long as you do not open it and check mails manually.

  • For this, go to “Settings” > Choose your e-mail account > “Fetching mail” > Set “Folder poll frequency” to “Never” and “Push folders” to “None”. Repeat this for every e-mail account.
  • Moreover, go to “General settings” > Network" > Set “Background sync” to “Never”.

You can however find methods in the forum how to uninstall /e/OS mail (at least for the current, i.e., your user). If necessary, you can use the search function for this, or I could look for some forum entries.

P.s.: What do you mean by

I am asking because you mention that you want to “sync… apps to the cloud”. If you do this, your phone is connected to the internet, i.e., no longer offline. I guess there is some misunderstanding on my part.

Does Magic Earth (included in /e/OS) still need an internet connection once you downloaded the maps you need for offline use in Magic Earth - Settings - Maps?
(I don’t know, I don’t use it much.)

Else I can recommend using OsmAnd~ (<- the tilde is important) from F-Droid, which is not feature-reduced like most if not all other map Apps, but might need some getting used to and setting up how you would like it.
It can also use downloaded maps for offline use.

A Murena account is optional, you can use /e/OS without one (I do).
Of course you would need to address any syncing needs with other means then.

Probably just incomplete communication on my part. I meant I’d be using the phone without a SIM card, connecting to WiFi mostly at home. Most of my area is very rural.
As to your instructions, I guess I had already jumped the gun and removed my Murena accounts from the phone entirely. I’m having some issues adding them back, but that might be fine. I can fetch my tracks and map data via USB if necessary.

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I need to experiment with that. OSMAnd+ (F-droid version) does seem very nice and usable, it might replace ME entirely. I have been having fun contributing a lot of data to OSM in general. That is nice, being able to contribute without being able to code.

Another alternative for offline navigation is Organic Maps: Hike, Bike, Drive Offline (Navigate with Privacy - Community-Driven & Open-Source)

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I will add Organic Maps to the growing toybox and do some testing.

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