Some questions about /e/OS on Redmi Note 9 Pro

I really wanna use /e/OS on my phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro) but I saw that the supported /e/ version is S dev. I got some questions:

  1. Has anyone been using /e/OS on a Redmi Note 9 Pro recently? Is it buggy, not working, etc.?
  2. What should I follow to install it, How to Build the /e/OS ROM? or
    Install /e/OS on a Xiaomi POCO M2 Pro / Redmi Note 9S / Redmi Note 9 Pro / Redmi Note 9 Pro Max - “miatoll”
  3. In case something goes wrong can I restore easily the phone’s previous OS?
  4. Will the “miatoll” devices make it to the easy installer anytime (soon)?


J’ai installé la dernière version Android S du 1er décembre (e-1.6-s-20221201239247-dev-miatoll)
la semaine dernière sur le Redmi Note 9 Pro de mon fils.
Dans la version précédente (un /e/os basé sur Android Q) le GPS ne fonctionnait pas… son fonctionnement est rétabli avec la dernière version.

Le seul bémol c’est avec une application de Fujifilm qui ne fonctionne sur aucune de deux versions.
Je ne sais à ce jour s’il s’agit d’un problème d’OS ou lié au matériel… ?

Pour le reste il est satisfait du fonctionnement de son smartphone.
Bonne journée,

I installed the latest Android S version from December 1 (e-1.6-s-20221201239247-dev-miatoll)
last week on my son’s Redmi Note 9 Pro.
In the previous version (a /e/os based on Android Q) the GPS was not working… it’s working again with the latest version.

The only drawback is with a Fujifilm application that does not work on either version.
I don’t know if it’s an OS problem or a hardware problem… ?

For the rest he is satisfied with the functioning of his smartphone.
Have a nice day,


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I"m very satisfied too
All is working perfectly and with very fast response (i added some mods on build.prop)
Battery life is about at 1 day and 15 hours with intensive use.
Can’t wait for version 1.7