Some questions about installing /e/ on a Xiaomi Redmi 9A

Hello !
I’ve a Xiaomi Redmi 9A (model number : M2006C3LG, Android version : 10 QP1A.190711.020, Miui version : MIUI Global 12.0.17Stable and I want to try installing e on it, but I have some questions to be sure of what I’m doing :

First, I’ve seen that there’s an official build for the Remi 9. But can I (with a project similar at this one : modify my phone (Redmi 9A) to make it similar to the Redmi 9 ?

Secondly, there’s no device code for the official buid of the Redmi 9. How can I now if my phone is compatible ?

Finally, if found an unofficial buid for the Xiaomi lancelot (Redmi 9) ( Which one is the best to install ? The official or the unofficial ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

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I see Redmi 9 lancelot.

No you have to get a ROM built for your device.

A search of the forum - dandelion does not reveal any quick solution. Edit, perhaps still worth reading them for “starter level” information though.

It seems your phone is Android 10, you may have some success with an /e/OS Generic System Image (GSI) build.

Latest posts on XDA (search for “dandelion”) report this device as closer to Redmi 9C: But the “unified” may be misleading here.

This may also be of interest:

Yes, sorry I wanted to say that there was no list of supported models.
But, is it risky for my phone to install a GSI?

Yes, this is interesting, but is this project only for LineageOS or also for /e/?

You would need to become sufficiently familiar with the steps involved, to eliminate any risk. If it is your first custom ROM experience maybe some terms would be unfamiliar.

If you do enough reading so that you can see where to start and then you still need some help, you could ask.

Any adventure into custom ROMs you want the research “the way home” first ! That is, how do you reinstall the original Xiaomi ROM if something goes wrong.

I’ve never made a ROM, do you think it’s better for me to make my own custom ROM or try another ROM that supports my phone (like CrDroid)?

Well we are looking at a 2020 device without a great deal of development … so a build is not going to be easy, or it would be done before.

Am I right in guessing you are new to custom ROMs? If yes, try anything you find where it is easy to follow the instructions and treat this as a learning experience for the next opportunity that turns up (?)

Yes, I’m completly New to custom roms.

Do you know some other roms that protect our data, same as /e/ ?

Here is an Android FOSS article, the article is about variants of Android.

Different users have different ideas about how best to live with an Android smartphone, inevitably with very highly networked software created by an Advertising agency.

Your device might not be the easiest to experiment on. You might consider a (cheap) phone with which to experiment or learn. Here is a thread Recommendations & Advice on Compatible Phones, you might also keep an eye on the Sell / Swap section here.

Ok, thank you very much !

I am also trying to get an custom rom for my Redmi 9A(2GB ram variant) as my devices is getting very laggy and become unresponsive

@Altairo13 did you find any good ROM which support redmi 9A

After some research, I can’t find a ROM that have the same level of respect for privacy and a ergonomic design as /e/.

As you might expect, there’s no ROM that offer this device by default. So there’re only some unofficial builds.

The most “official” one seems to be the Droidian Rom. This ROM is build on a mix of the linux distribution Mobian and Debian, so it respect the privacy, but you cannot install android apps.
Here’s the website :
And here’s the ROM for the Redmi 9A :

Otherwise, there’re a lot of Android ROMs that have unofficial build for the Rdmi 9A.
The best ones seems to be :
LineageOS (Website :, Build :
CrDroid (Website :, Build :
ArrowOS (Website :, Build :

All these Android ROMs are based on LineageOS