Some questions from a newbie on /e/OS


I just switch from Google Android to /e/OS on my Fair Phone.
I don’t have big issues for the moment but I have some general questions.

  1. If we switch from Google Android and we setup our google account in MicroG, is-it like using Google services ?
  2. Is-it useful for a newbie to optimize the microG configuration regarding the sharing of personal data ?
  3. The default store Apps does not contain all apk like in Play Store. Why we need to ask for an app ?
  4. To install some paid apps, some topics in the forum suggest to use Aurora Store. Is-it safe to use it ? In this store we have all apk like in Play Store. If we use it, are we more in the Google world ?


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I think, the Aurora Store is without a Google Account safe. But the problem is that you can’t buy apps without Google-Login, but Login with your Google-Acc is very unsafe. You could get banned. Maybe you can buy the APKs from the manufacturer page.

As for the /E/ installer, I don’t know much about that. It will probably be a while before there are nearly as many free apps as in the Play Store.

I wouldn’t sign into MicroG with my Google account if I didn’t absolutely need to. I don’t think quite as much data is collected as with Google services, but still much more than without an account.


Since installed /e/ on my daily-use FP4 (February), I log in with my Google account with microG and use Aurora store for apps that I don’ find in the stock app store. Until now, almost all apps I need/want work without problems.


No, so long as you choose Anonymous login (which is the default)

You should also jump on the f droid bandwagon.

My usual MO is to see if there is a good option on f droid, if not I go to Apps and then aurora 3rd.

I have genuinely liked some of the apps on f droid. Here are some of my faves.

-Invoice ninja for my side business,
-Antenna Pod is a great podcast app,
-found apps called Metronome and Tuner for music,
-Time cop is a fantastic time keeping app,
-There are numerous nice budget apps. I settled on MoneyWallet, but there were a good amount of options.
-New Pipe is awesome for youtube videos
-Pocket Paint for sketching things

These are all on f droid add free. I’ve been slowly going through and contributing to some of the developers when I am able.


I go to Aurora rather than Apps or App Lounge - it is a more mature app with fewer bugs