Some questions regarding location

I successfully performed the OTA update (2.0 → 2.1) on my miatoll device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro)

I run a quite modified version of /e/, since I use it for the privacy and deGoogling, but I find the UI and app choices poor, where I have uninstalled microG alongside others.

I wanted to make sure that the new location services are being used, since the weather app I use (Breezy Weather (F-Droid)) doesn’t seem to be able to fetch the weather on its location-based mode.

I have enabled all the required permissions for the app.

Is there a way to see which location services are being used?

You have microg uninstalled?

I thought it is needed for the whole location stuff :thinking::thinking:


Did you take into account the fact that not all weather sources in the Breezy app can show geolocation?