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Hello! I’ve been using /e/ for quite a few months, however I’ve read about some privacy concerns that I’d like to address with my suggestions, as well as other things based on my or my family’s experiences using this OS:

First of all, the Apps store. The app itself is fine, however there might be some concerns about the apps taken from Google Play. If /e/ were to hit the mainstream market, companies might have it taken down due to this Apps store reuploading their content without permission.

The solution would be to implement something similar to Huawei’s Petal Search, where in order to offer third party apps within their App Gallery, they redirect users to the apk download from the developer’s site, or serve a PWA if there’s the option for it. Here’s a link to an article (in Spanish) with screenshots on how this is done.

Second of all, the browser. The current browser forked from Bromite is pretty cool, and if I were a normal user I’d have no issues with it. However, it looks like the browser pings to Google for some reason? Again, this appears to be a Bromite issue, not an /e/ one. In any case, I’d recommend to move to a fork of Vanadium, the hardened Chromium/WebView fork made by the folks over at GrapheneOS. Here are the instructions on how to build it.

Third, and this one is probably just a silly nitpick, but from the experience I’ve got from family members that I switched to /e/, the OpenCamera app is a bit too complicated to use for normal users. I get that it’s the most complete FOSS camera app out there, but perhaps it would be interesting to retain that app’s functionality while revamping the interface to feel more like GCam or the iOS Camera.

I think that’s about it for now. Regardless of if these suggestions are kept in mind or not, I’d like to thank you all for your time reading through this! ^^


I’m monitoring all eOS connections via my pi-hole. I never have seen any connection (ing) to google servers. If you have found any connections to google server, the cause must be the webpage you are calling with the browser. Pls check tbe connection without any open webpage.

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I was referring to this security report made a year ago. I can understand that it’s been patched since then, however I feel like using Graphene’s hardened Chromium (or introducing their patches to the current /e/ Browser) could make for a more secure experience.

Oh yes, the report is very old. All patched. I see no need for this graphene patching.
But it’s your suggestion.

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