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hi guys, i am xperia at heart but i’ve read that sony flashtool is more than capable of flashing huawei phones I’ve bought one that needs flashing but don’t know what type of firmware or file to get to allow flashtool to recognise it, I’ve tried a few times but pulling my hair out now, any advise / help would be greatly appreciated, cheers and a Merry Xmas to one and all.

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The XperiFirm Tool v5.6.5 is something that can help you download all new firmware which is officially released by Sony. This is made possible by connecting to the official Sony servers. This amazing tool is developed by a senior member of XDA, IgorEisberg.

I don’t think that will help with finding firmware for Huawei phones, which I believe is what @kev50 is looking for.

@kev50 which model Huawei phone have you bought?

If you think outside the box, you will see that thread title and categories refer to /e/OS Sony Xperia devices.

Sony flash tool
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In this aspect, it makes sense to comment on Sony Xperia.