Sony PRS-T1 - ebook Reader

I’ve got a PRS-T1 from 2011 / 2012. The newest update from Sony is from 2014 ( - released on 19 June 2014). Is seems to be the latest one.

Sadly there is no custom rom out there or a ArchLinux or ArchLinuxARM for it.

The newest version from Sony is not compatible with or wich I found in the internet to get root for this device and be able to install the ADW-launcher.
At the moment I run wich is based on Android 2.1.1 (froyo)(sdk 8).

I found which seems to be a “alternate operating system for electronic paper ebook readers” but I think a working android for this device would be better because then I am able to install apps like spotify and had the most compatibility for a lot of apps.

The PRS-T1 seems to have a i.MX508. Here is a info paper:

And here is a hackaday post from 2018/07/25 with the titel: hope-xii-a-foss-operating-system-for-e-readers

I would love it to see this device is not landing in the garbage of all the people out there and I think /e/ could be a wonderful rom for e-ink readers too.

Greetings by ReQuester

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Okay. It seems to be to difficult to spent time for such an old e-ink reader.

I understand that but I really hope to see some e-ink reader revealed from the dead. Especially to fix that security issues with all those old android-devices.

Greetings by ReQuester

Actually this is an interesting idea.

It would be nice to see an e ROM for an e-ink ebook reader device. For a Kobo, Pocketbook, Onyx, Tolino or something like that.