Sony XA2 'pioneer' - Pie Build

As @Manoj pointed out in another thread if a particular device has Lineage 16.0 support then he suggested to raise a request for the OS upgrade. The more the users requests the better the chances of an upgrade, so here’s my vote for a Sony XA2 pie build. A pie build may fix alot of issues some users are having with the XA2 and downgrading to Oreo /e/ roms.

For my information, what are the advantages (I have not managed to successfully install /e/ yet, so I am not sure about what I am missing).


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I recently tried to update my xperia xa2 (pie, version 50.2.A.3.55, single sim).
Followed the instructions on and used:
Did all go well, till the system shall reboot.
Gave be an infinity loop, till the sony logo. The loop ended that the system shut down with “this system is corrupt, shut down in 5sec”. I had to use Emma to install stock rom to bring it back to live.