Sony XA2 with Android 9: Warning

I just want to share a warning, which should be added on the wiki

I followed the wiki page till “fastboot boot”, but now the device is in a strange boot loop. After some searching, I found that Android 9 (which was on the XA2, but I didn’t notice before) is not a good idea :frowning: Is the XA2 a brick now?

Hi @sve downgrading from Pie to Oreo can cause issues on most devices. The /e/ build is on Oreo. Can you try to flash the Latest stock Pie on your XA2 using the sony flashing tools.

Can this be done on a Linux machine? (I found only a Windows tool which did not work for my Windows 10 box.)

You can try to boo into another slot, this is an AB device which means it can boot 2 different software versions. Maybe you are lucky and pie is still on there. boot in TWRP and then reboot system, choose A or B depending on which one you are on now.

Thanks for the suggestions. But the boot loop cannot be stopped, and I cannot turn off the device.

Hi @sve I do not have a Sony phone but when my phone goes into a bootloop I try to get to the Fastboot screen using the phone key combination. On my phone a Mia1 it is Volume - and Power pressed together. Check what the combination is for your phone. Once you are in Fastboot mode you should be able to access your device with Sony flashing tools.

Thanks @Manoj. I was able to reach fastboot mode. I will try flashing this evening.

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As long as you can access fastboot or ADB your phone is not dead or hard bricked. Most modern phones have a good amount of sturdiness built into them to handle such flashing and booting activities. Always keep the default phone ROM flashing apps handy just in case anything goes wrong.

To Sony users: Emma seems to be the official flashing tool,
But the tool never showed my device, even when it was up and running (i.e.before my problematic “fastboot boot …” attempt). Is Emma the right tool and is it compatible with current Windows 10?