Sony Xperia Ray

Hi, I would like to know if anyone tried to install /e/OS on a Sony Xperia Ray. I would be glad to use this small smartphone again.

Me too!
Here is some information about the device that might be helpful for developers:

  • codename: urushi, Model: ST18i, Year: 2011

  • last stock firmware based on And. 4.0.4: ST18i_4.1.B.0.587

  • latest custom rom I know of: lineage-14.1-20170514-UNOFFICIAL-LegacyXperia-urushi, available here: 3.7 GB folder on MEGA

This custom rom works surprisingly well - considering the small RAM of only 500(?) MB. Known issue: After a while of non-use (2 - 3 days) the auto-rotate screen doesn’t work (only portrait mode, upright). A restart will help.

The whole thing would probably have the character of a feasibility study. But the still existing fans of this extraordinary device would certainly be interested! :grinning: